Please take a few minutes and fill in a survey that will help us to create a Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy for the island of Biševo. The poll is anonymous. You do not have to answer all the questions, just to the ones that are mandatory.
The survey is intended for visitors and occasional / permanent residents. Thank you in advance! All other suggestions can be sent to our mail:
  • 1. Sex MANDATORY

  • 2. Your age group MANDATORY

  • 3. How often do you visit the island of Bisevo? MANDATORY

  • 4. How much time do you spend on this island?

  • 5. What was your main motive for visiting / staying in Bisevo? (multiple selections are possible)?

    Visit one of the cavesVisit the bay of PoratOther natural beautiesThe specificity of vacation on the islandSport and recreationGastronomyVisit to a member of my family or property I own in Bisevo
  • 6. Would you like to live permanently on the island? MANDATORY

  • 7. How familiar are you with the island? MANDATORY

  • 8. How satisfied are you with the following services on Bisevo:

    Peace and quiet

    Quality of accommodation

    The hospitality of the host in the accommodation facility

    Kindness of the local population


    Preservation of nature and its attractions

    The cleanliness of the beaches

    The preservation of the authenticity of the island itself

    Protection of the cultural sites

    Information on tourist offer and services

    Presentations of cultural sites

    Gastronomic offer

    The availability of local products

    Recreational facilities

    Offer entertainment events (concerts, exhibitions and the like.)

    Souvenir offer

    Boat connections with Komiza

  • 9. What advantages do you think Bisevo has for tourist development of the island?

  • 10. Do you think that on the island of Bisevo in the future:

    Bring drinkable water to the Island (build pipeline)MANDATORY

    Additionally arrange entry to the Blue cave and other natural attractions

    Charge entrance to the beachs

    Build new roads

    Build new/more berths

    Open up a shop and / or a kiosk with local products

    Create cycle tracks

    Build apartment resorts

    Build sport facilities (tennis courts, mini golf etc.)

    Build luxurious accommodation

    Open Camp(s)

    Open rural households with local products

    Build small family hotels

    Launch cultural manifestations

    Offer more entertainment content

    Other (please specify what)

  • 11. Which facilities are missing during your stay on the island? MANDATORY

  • 12. What kind of tourism development is the most suitable for Bisevo? MANDATORY

  • 13. What are your activities while staying on the island?

  • 14. Do you support mass tourism in the bay of Mezoporat? Do you think it has a positive impact on the island's identity? (yes / no and short explanation)

  • 15. Do you agree with the renamed school in the restaurant with accompanying content (apartments, office space and cave museum -- read more >)? (yes / no and short explanation)

  • 16. How do you see the development of Bisevo in the period of the next 5 years?

  • 17. Do you think that an island needs a local council to improve living conditions? (yes / no and short explanation)

  • 18. Are you familiar with the campaign "Saving Biš+sevo"?


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