Link to the petition for enrollment of the old bishop’s school in the register of protected cultural goods of the Republic of Croatia..

The Saving Bisevo Initiative, a reaction of residents and loved ones in the island of Biševo to the devastation of the archaeological site of Napoje, was incredibly awaiting the news of the realization of the project of the “Visitor Center with accompanying facilities” at the location of the old school in Napoj.

According to publicly available documentation, this is a center that almost doubles the area of ​​the old school and the design and choice of materials is a worrying step away from the autochthonous construction on the island. It is a center that is only nominally visitor since most of its area occupy a restaurant and the affair, and only a small part makes a lecture hall for which there is no indication of what kind of programs will take place in it. The announcement of bringing electric cars, which will bring guests to the Visitor Center, will pollute the island by noise. Of all the above, it is clear that it is a project that with its gauge and its purpose roughly affects the spatial integrity of the island, natural beauty and tranquility, while completely neglecting the needs of the local population.

The mentioned project is additionally unacceptable because no one in any process has asked the inhabitants of the island for any reason, even the owners of surrounding plots whose plots to undertake the upgrading of the existing school have not been contacted by the beginning of this month, even though the bombastic news in their implementation started in December 2017. (some are not at all!) Encouraged by this huge gap, we took on the task of organizing a survey among islanders and islanders who showed that as much as 84% ​​supported the idea of ​​investing in the island, but stressed the need for infrastructure projects that make life easier on the island such as investment in bringing a water supply that is necessary because it is an island without a source of potable water.

The aim of the initiative We rescue Biševo is the proper valorization of the entire heritage of the island Biševo and the management of cultural and historical and natural resources through the strategy of sustainable development of the island.

We are asking the relevant institutions to conduct a public debate involving the inhabitants of the island and the interested and expert public and to formulate a joint project with the forces that will rebuild the old school and improve the life of the islanders while achieving a balance between the tourist development of the island of Biševo and the preservation of its natural beauty which are precisely the inadvertence of nature and tranquility, which attracts the generations of visitors of desirable symbiosis with nature.

Official statement of the town of Komiža

Modra Cave Visitors’ Center – Biševo

The city of Komiža, along with the partners of the Public Institution of Sea and Karst, the Institute of Blue World and the Tourist Board of the City of Komiza, is implementing the project “Modra Caverns Visitor Center – Biševo” in accordance with the Grant Agreement signed with the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds and the Central Finance Agency and contracting the programs and projects of the European Union.

As part of the infrastructure activities at the site of the ruined building of the former school in Biševo, a Visitor Center will be organized and equipped with polyvalent spaces for interpretation and presentation of the natural heritage of the island of Biševo and the Vis archipelago (exhibition hall, info desk, smaller lecture hall, souvenir shop) office space for a volunteer and research center, catering facilities and accommodation for employees. Also, educational paths will be arranged on the island of Biševo for pedestrians and cyclists who will link the Visitor Center with Mezopotra, Gatul, Salbunar and the highest peak of the Guard, and to renew and illuminate coastal shores of Galijul with visitor restraints and informative content on the topic the natural heritage of Biševo.

In addition to the infrastructure activities, a study will be carried out on the Valorisation of the Natural Heritage of Biševo island with the suggestion of educational and informative content, the action plan for visitors, Modra cave capacity, branding strategy, strategic marketing and action plan, educational workshops and the design and promotion of new tourism products valorization of natural heritage. The overall objective of the Project is to contribute to the economic and social development of the island Biševa and Visa and to increase the quality of life of the local population with the sustainable use of natural heritage. Implementation of the Project will create the preconditions for achieving the specific objectives of the Project:

increasing the attractiveness of Biševo Island and the Visa with the interpretation of natural heritage,
increase of economic activity,
increase of educational capacity and public awareness level on sustainable development in order to preserve natural heritage
The total value of the project is HRK 27,130,650.97, and the EU contribution to the project financing is HRK 18,470,061.85. The project is being implemented in the period from 13 December 2016 to 13 December 2019.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

Contact person for further information:

City of Komiža

Tonka Ivčević


Phone: +385 21 713 644 Fax: +385 21 713 019

More information on Structural Funds and the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion at:

The content of the publication is the sole responsibility of the City of Komiza and the partner of the project “Modra Cave Visitors Center – Biševo” – the Public Institutions of the Sea and Karst, the Blue World Institute and the Tourist Board of the City of Komiza.

From the media
The county attorney had meetings with mayor Mayor Tonko Ivcevic early this morning. At the beginning of the meeting, the prefect noted his satisfaction with the project “Modra Cave Center – Biševo”, which was evaluated with 75 points, which means that he fulfilled all the conditions of the competition. The project is worth more than HRK 27 million, which is the city of Komiza with its Tourist Association, and its partners are the County and Crete Counties Institute and the Blue World Institute. The aim of the project is to contribute to the development of Biševo Island and Visa, Reconstruction, Upgrading and Renovation of the Old School Building at Biševo in Visitor Center will create an attractive tourist product based on the interpretation of natural heritage. The project envisages the construction of a thematic educational trail, a souvenir shop, a restaurant and a lecture hall.

The mayor thanked the parishioner for coming to Komiza for the first year of his mandate and to get acquainted with all the projects planned for not only for the next year but for the development of Komiza for the next three or four years. “The county’s arrival today is seen as a new beginning in cooperation between the County and Komiza, for which I can not say that it was always in the past mandate,” said Mayor Ivcevic.

Prefect Boban thanked the Mayor, her associates and County Councilor Tončija Božanić for welcome. We found some trucian localities as well as the location of building a future fishing port, a project in which counties will participate together with the city of Komiza and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs. I am convinced that we will all come together more intensively in the new year to realize this project, said Prefect Boban.


Improper Construction Permit
REPUBLIC OF CROATIA County of Splitsko-Dalmatinska County Administrative Department for Construction and Physical Planning Administration Vis

CLASS: UP / l-361 -03 / 17-01 / 000024

URBROJ: 2181 / 1-11-00-09 / 01-18-0008

Vis, 21.06.2018. years

Splitsko-dalmatinska County, Administrative Department for Construction and Physical Planning, Vis Office, resolving on the request submitted by the investor KOMIS, HR-21485 Komiža, Croatian Martyrs 17, OIB 52006191628 pursuant to Article 99, Paragraph 1 of the Construction Act (” Official Gazette “No. 153/13 and 20/17), issued


Permission is granted to the investor of CITY OF KOMIŽA, HR-21485 Komiža, Croatian Martyrs 17, OIB 52006191628, intended for reconstruction of the building, tourist catering and public use: a visitor center with accompanying facilities on the island of Biševo on a frequent basis. ism. 7305/7 k.o. Komiza, the requirement of the 3rd batch, in accordance with the main project of the common designation: Z.O.P. GL 4-17, Principal Design Authorized Architect Ante Mardešić, B.Sc. ing. arch, authority number: A 365, containing:

BOOK 1: an architectural project created by company “A + U” d.o.o. from Komiža, OIB: 82477911686, Design Authorized Architect Ante Mardešić, B.Sc. Archives, number of authorizations A 365, TD 884 / 17-2 dated January 2017;

BOOK 2: Construction project, project for mechanical resistance and structural stability, made by “Tredecim” doo from Split, OIB: 41233069501, Design Authorized Civil Engineer Darko Fadić, B.Sc., G 368, TD 03022017 from February 2017;

BOOK 3: Electrotechnical project, high current electrical installations, low current and lightning protection systems, made by Volt-ing d.o.o. from Split, OIB: 27550971925, Design Engineer Electrical Engineer Ante Mustapić, mag. electr., number of authority E 2524, mark T.D. E-37/17 of January 2017;

BOOK 4: Engineering Project, Water Supply and Sewerage Project created by the company “Tub” d.o.o. from Split, OIB: 47952222577, Design Engineer Authorized Engineer Ivo Žuvela, B.Sc. engineer, number of authorizations S 434, mark TD 21-VK / 17 from January 2017;

BOOK 5: mechanical project, project for thermostat, produced by the company “Tub” d.o.o. from Split, OIB: 47952222577, engineer authorized mechanical engineer Vlado Nigojević, B.Sc. engineer, number of authorizations S 395, mark TD 21-T / 17 from January 2017;

BOOK 6: a project for rational use of energy and thermal protection and noise protection elaboration made by the company “Tredecim” doo in Split, OIB: 41233069501, design engineer Darko Fadić, graduate engineer, number of authorized G 368, TD 03022017 from March 2017;

BOOK 7: Electrotechnical project, system for fire alarm, made by the company ,, Voit-ing “d.o.o. from Split, OIB: 27550971925, Design Engineer Electrical Engineer Ante Mustapić, mag. electr., number of authority E 2524, mark T.D. E- 38/17 of January 2017;

BOOK 8: fire protection elaboration by the company “Sector f” from Split, Križanićeva 21, authorized persons for the development of fire protection works Ivica Vidjaka, dipl. ing., entry no. 15, labels: EZOP 10/2017 from February 2017;

BOOK 9: Work protection work done by company “Sector f” from Split, Križanićeva 21, engineer authorized construction engineer Ivica Vidjak, dipl. ing. city, authority number: G 3462; EZNR 10/2017 as of February 2017;

BOOK 10: Geodetic project created by Geo arcus 3d “d.o.o. from Split, Mažuranićeva šetalište 28, OIB: 78196864792, authorized geodetic engineer Andro Marinković, engineer geo., Geo 800, mark no. 2/2017 of 15 February 2017.

BOOK 11: Mechanical Engineering Project, Sprinkler Installation Project, created by the company “Tub” d.o.o. from Split, OIB: 47952222577, engineer authorized mechanical engineer Vlado Nigojević, B.Sc. engineer, number of authorizations S 395, markers TD 21-S / 17 from January 2017;

BOOK 12: Engineering Project, Elevator Project, created by the Engineer of the Mechanical Engineer Vanja Franić, B.Sc. engineer. From Zagreb, number of authorizations S 659, project number: P-03/17 and P-04/17 from January 2017.

This license shall cease to be valid if it does not enter into construction within three years from the date of its validity.
The investor is obliged to notify this body of the beginning of construction no later than eight days before construction begins.


Investor GRAD KOMIŽA, HR-21485 Komiža, Croatian Martyrs 17, OIB 52006191628, requested the submission filed on 26.04.2017. issuing a building permit for:

– reconstruction of the building, tourist catering and public use: a visitor center with accompanying facilities on the island of Biševo on a frequent basis. ism. 7305/7 k.o. Vis.

The dossier is enclosed with the following documents:

three copies of the main project from point I of the construction permit are enclosed, with statements by the designers that the main project has been drafted in accordance with the regulations to be drafted,
the required certificates of the main project of public bodies are enclosed:
certificate issued by the Ministry of Health, Department for Sanitary Inspection, Department of County Sanitary Inspection, Department for Southern Dalmatia, Vis, CLASS: 540-02 / 17-05 / 2262, URBROJ: 534-07-4-6-8 / 1 -17-2 of 13 April 2017,
certificate issued by HEP, Elektrodalmacija Split, number: 2936-32-00 / 2017. of 5 April 2017,
certificate issued by the company “Vodovod i odvodnja otoka Visa” d.o.o. from Komiža, number 93/2017 of 19 April 2016,
certificate issued by HAKOM, Croatian Regulatory Agency for Network Operations, Zagreb, CLASS: 361-03 / 17-02 / 1748, URBROJ: 376-10-17-4 of 13 April 2017,
certificate issued by Hrvatske vode, Split, CLASS: UP / l-325-01 / 17-07 / 0001378, URBROJ: 374-24-3-17-2 of 29 March 2017,
Certificate issued by the City of Komiža, Unified Administrative Department, CLASS: 350-01 / 17-01 / 10, URBROJ: 2190 / 02-03-17-04 of 11 April 2017,
certificate issued by the City of Komiza, Mayor, GRADE: 350-01 / 17-01 / 10, URBROJ: 2190 / 02-02-17-023 of 11 April 2017,
Certificate issued by the Split-Dalmatia County, Department of Communal Affairs, Utilities and Environmental Protection, GRADE: 351-01 / 17- 01/0254, URBROJ: 2181 / 1-10 / 07-17-0002 of April 20 In 2017,
certificate issued by the Police Administration of Split-Dalmatia, Sector of Administrative and Inspection Affairs, Inspectorate of Internal Affairs, number: 511-12-21-4278 / 3-2017-
Z. S of 5 May 2017,

certificate issued by the Department for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, the Conservation Department in Split, CLASS: 612-08 / 17-01 / 1240, URBROJ: 532-04-02-15 / 4-17-2 of 20 April 2017,
a written report on the control of the main project prepared by an authorized officer for mechanical resistance and stability of concrete and masonry structures Nenada Morpurga, dipl. ing district, record number 34/13, TD 21/16 of March 2, 2017.
evidence of legal interest is enclosed:
– an extract from the land registry issued by the Municipal Court in Split, and a call on the provisions of the Local Self-Government Act and the Administration and Decision on the Takeover of Real Property whose right of ownership and use has Komiža Municipality and the former Municipality of Vis in the Municipality of Komiža and socio- organizations and associations that are no longer active (Official Gazette of Komiža 7/93).

Also included is the opinion issued by the Split-Dalmatia County, Department of Communal Affairs, Utilities and Environmental Protection, CLASS; 351-01 / 17- 02/0084, URBROJ: 2181 / 1-10 / 07-17-2 from February 9, 2017, that the procedure should not be carried out

a few environmental assessment and assessment procedures on the need for environmental impact assessment and resolution of the same body CLASS class: UP / l-351 -04 / 17-01 / 0010,

URBROJ: 2181 / 1-10 / 07-0003 of 27 February that the planned operation is acceptable for the ecological network and opinion and opinion on the efficiency of extinguishing and evacuation issued by the Voluntary Fire Brigade of Komiža from 10 April 2017.

The existing building is proved by the use permit for buildings constructed until 15 February 1968, CLASS CLASS: UP / l-361-05 / 17-30 / 16, URBROJ: 2181 / 1-11-00-09 / 01-15- 0003 of March 9, 2017.

The application was established.

In the process of issuing a building permit, the following is established:

the file is enclosed with the prescribed documentation,
the prescribed certificates of the main project of public law bodies are enclosed,
in accordance with the Physical Planning Plan of the City of Komiža (Official Gazette No. 10/06, 2/15 and 1/17), the subject matter is located, according to the graphical part of the PPU of the town of Komiža, in the map view 1: Use and use of the surface within the boundary of the surface for the development and decoration of the area of ​​the settlement, within the boundaries of the construction area – the built part, and that the project was developed in accordance with the conditions for the implementation of the Spatial Plan of the Town of Komiza, in terms of the provisions of Art. 110th st. 3 of the Law on Construction:
Art. Article 61, paragraph 1, which stipulates the purpose of: tourist-hospitality, business, public, social, residential, sporting, recreational, public greenery and the like, and which specify the general conditions:
the construction particle size (min. 400 m2), the construction coefficient kig (max 0.50), the usability coefficient (2.5 overhead or 3.0 total), max. number of floors, level: Pol + Po2 + P (S) + 3 (Pk), ie max. height 14.0 m, distance from the public traffic area 3.0 m, distance from the edge of the building block 3.0 m, and the tiled roof (up to 45),

Art. 82, paragraph 2, which stipulates that in areas where no drinking water establishes the obligation to build a tank,
Art. 83, paragraph 5, which stipulates that the realization of the public drainage system is possible for the realization of individual structures with the reception of wastewater in waterproof bulk cisterns and by means of an authorized legal entity or through the construction of their own waste water treatment plants and by the discharge of treated waste water into a natural receiver, all depending on the conditions on the ground with the consent and under the conditions of Croatian waters,
Art. Article 77, which stipulates that in the area of ​​rural units (regardless of the level of protection) traffic in the rest must be foreseen outside the traditional structure (parking spaces at the settlement approach)
and other conditions prescribed by the provisions for the implementation of the Spatial Planning Plan of the City of Komiža,
the main project was created by an authorized person, it is prescribed and has been designed in such a way that it is disabled the change of its contents or the replacement of its parts,
that there is a possibility of connecting the building to the traffic area, to its own drainage system and to the low voltage electrical network.

The parties to the trial of Domino Tafra from Split, for themselves and as a proxy of Frane Torre from Split, (commonly known as 7305/5 k.o. Komiža), did not agree with the statement given in the minutes to issue the license in question with the extension of the school to inappropriate materials for that area. He also disagrees with the Conservative’s decision and asks for the Poje settlement to be protected as a rural entity, fearing that their parcels will be turned into a parking lot.

For this reason, this body could not be taken as an obstacle to issuing the permit in question, since it is intended to reconstruct the provisions of the Spatial Planning Plan of the town of Komiža, and their disagreement with the conservative decision and the request to protect the village of Poje as a rural entity is not within the competence of this body, but note that the 61. 93. Decision on the adoption of the PPP of the town of Komiza states that in the area of ​​the CPI of the town of Komiža there are the following goods which are of importance for the local community and on the basis of valorisation carried out by the competent authority may be proposed for entry into the Register of Cultural Goods of the Republic of Croatia or may be proclaimed to be of local importance: rural entities – among others Biševo – Napoje and 61. 94. Decisions on the adoption of the Spatial Planning Plan of the town of Komiža indicate that the PPU of the Split-Dalmatia County shows the protected rural areas of Komiža and the rural unit proposed for protection, among others Biševo Napoje. A certificate was also received on the main project issued by the Department for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, the Conservation Department in Split. Nor does the fear that their particle will be turned into a parking lot will not have an impact on the adoption of this solution since the main project does not show any construction on their plot, and in the event of a usurpation, the same party has the legal ability to protect it.

The parties to the proceedings Jakov Fiamengo from Split and Marija Vlastelica Brajčić from Komiža stated in their statement to the minutes that they did not allow their plot to be read in the same sense and not to use

for the needs of the building, and if necessary contact them directly.

Other parties are in the process because personal delivery is impossible or inadequate as they are persons whose address is not entered in the land register or cadastre, that is, that they are unknown residences or unknown heirs according to the provisions of Art. 116th paragraph 2 of the Construction Act, invited by a public notice published on the notice board and the web pages of this body, and on the property for which the building permit is issued.

if no party has responded to that call, it is considered that they have been given access to the file of the case.

Pursuant to the above, the provisions of Article 110, paragraph 1 of the Construction Act were processed, and it was decided as in the pronouncement.

The applicant is in accordance with the provisions of Art. 8. The Administrative Tax Act (“NN”, Nos. 8/17 and 37/17) is exempt from payment of administrative fees.


An appeal to the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning may be filed against this decision within 15 days from the date of receipt. An appeal shall be filed through the body issuing the act in writing, orally in the record or sent by registered post. An appeal fee of 35,00 kuna is payable according to the tariff number 3 of the Administrative Fee Regulation.



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